Thursday, July 22, 2010

So soon?

So the other day I was in a store with my two beautiful IDENTICAL twin daughters helping my Mom choose new frames for her glasses.  It's been interesting having identical twins, they are now 7, there are so many similarities between them physically but they are so entirely different.  As any parent knows it is amazing how different kids from the same parents and same environments can be.  Aside from slightly different haircuts and a smidge difference  in height most people have trouble determining who is who.  The girls really enjoy this but today we had a first.  The, seemingly innocuous, sales lady literally pointed at one of the girls and said "Oh this one is sooo cute!".  My daughter soaked it up and said thank you, meanwhile, my other little girls' entire countenance just fell, her shoulders slumped and her eyes misted up.  I on the other hand had to restrain my self from knocking this lady off of her feet!  I quickly assured my other daughter that she was super cute too, which doesn't seem to have as much meaning as some stranger! apparently I have to think that cause I'm her Mom.

I've already been asked "does my butt look big in these jeans", have to explain that being sexy is only used when talking about adults, and still haven't figured out if I should make an issue out of my 7 year olds saying "ooohh that looks hot!" and tears when they come home saying that so and so said I'm fat.  What the heck!! Seriously why does it have to been so soon...

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