Friday, October 1, 2010

Phew, we made it!

Wow, it is October 1st!  We have officially made it through the crazy, hectic period know as "Back to School".  When my girls were small I always held on to the notion that once they were in school I could breathe again.  Life would calm down some.  Last week it occurred to me that that is actually not the case.  I find I am often holding my breath, I may not be running out of breathe chasing after 2 toddlers, but I am most certainly holding my breath and needing to remind myself to just breathe.  I am thankful for the moments of the day when I am completely alone.  Yes, ALONE!! I can accomplish things with no interuptions, bathe without little hands coming in to splash me or ask for a snack.  But oh my do you pay at the end of the day.  Who would have thought that two second grades would need to spend so much time doing homework? I need to be the snack chef, cheerleader and tutor.  Is it wrong to give your kids coffee after school to get them over the hump?  I think I did less paperwork as an Admin Assistant.  Everyday there is something to remember, wear a certain color, bring something for show and tell, pack a special snack,  bring back forms, you get the idea. 

It is a whirlwind indeed but I am thankful for those moments of quiet and stillness in between.